Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor (ARAM) Systems

Radiation Detection Systems Designed for Law Enforcement PRND Field Operations.

Proven in Real World Situations

Easy and Intuitive to use

Detects SNM on the move or stationary

High-Confidence of Detection

Configures to mission conditions

Distinguishes SNM, Industrial, and NORM radioactive materials

image of container being moved highlighting how radiation detection systems such as ARAM help law enforcement detect PRND.

ARAM Portal

The ARAM Portal is a fixed radiation detection system that continuously monitors key interstate and international transportation and container crossings.

Image of police SUV with back hatch open representing location of ARAM Mobile, radiation detection systems that can be deployed in law enforcement vehicles for PRND.

ARAM Mobile

ARAM Mobile is a mobile radiation detection system fitted for vehicles, vessels or aircraft for continuous monitoring on the move.