About us.

Our Company

At TerraTracker, we value national security and safety. With our Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor (ARAM) system, we are proud to support the Law Enforcement and Homeland Security community that protects our fellow citizens.   We are committed to enabling Public Safety and First Responders to “Detect. Locate. Prevent.”

Our Team

The TerraTracker team includes former military, law enforcement, scientists, engineers and others involved in preventing terrorists from destroying people and property. Their expertise comprises counter-terrorism and real-world responses to these threats. Each individual working with our customers has several decades experience and the ability to reach out to others with unique skills and experience not normally found in the industry. Our team’s network has engineers, special operations, and nuclear/radiation detection technologists. With the Reachback capabilities of ARAM systems, scientists and specialists from the various United States National Laboratories are only a moment away.