Detect. Locate. Prevent.

Specializing in mobile and fixed radiation detection systems.

We Provide…

Radiation Portal Monitors and Mobile Radiation Monitors for Law Enforcement, First Responders, and those charged with protecting Critical Infrastructures.

Illicit transportation of Special Nuclear Materials (SNM) remains a threat to the public. Recent attacks worldwide serve as reminders that terrorists can employ improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as weapons of mass disruption. With groups like ISIS and others actively seeking nuclear material to build Improvised Nuclear Devices (INDs), investing in Preventive Radiation and Nuclear Detection (PRND) such as radiation detection portals or mobile detectors remains a high priority for infrastructure and civilian protection.

TerraTracker enables law enforcement and first responders to detect, locate, and prevent SNM threats coming by land, air, or water, with our Adaptable Radiation Area Monitor (ARAM).  Our technology includes a self-contained radiation detection system comprised of a R&D 100 Award-winning Radiation Detection technology.

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Contact TerraTracker for advice about the appropriate PRND system that meets your mission requirements for SNM threat protection.   We offer both radiation portal monitors and mobile radiation monitors suitable for deployment in vehicles on land, air, and  water.  Get more information about our products and a quote for the solution that will meet your needs.

PRND for Public Safety and National Security

Detect, Identify and Decide

Intuitive Operation

Our customers need radiation detectors that are easy to learn and simple to operate.

Locate and Identify

It is important to find a radiation source and determine if it is hazardous or harmless material.

Instant Detection

To act as a deterrent,  timely information must be provided to stop hazardous materials in its tracks.

Maintain Flow of Commerce

Enforcement officers want to selectively stop suspicious traffic, allowing for the free flow of commerce.

Our Solutions

Designed for ease of use

Law enforcement and first responders rely on ARAM’s intuitive operation.

Passive detection and identification

Performs primary and secondary screening while keeping the flow of commerce moving.


Self-calibrating to eliminate false alarms.

Technical and operational support

Includes everything needed for wireless Reachback.  Easy to integrate  into existing mobile systems.

Proven technology

ARAM received White House and DOE recognition during real-world deployments to protect major events.

ARAM Portal

A Fixed Portal Monitor for Infrastructure, Border and Cargo Container Passive Screening

The ARAM Portal Monitor includes gamma detectors, neutron detectors, and a notebook or tablet computer. This system can be configured specifically for your portal dimension and performance requirements

ARAM Mobile

Installs in Vehicles, Vessels or Aircraft to Adapt to Your PRND Mission Requirements

The three main components of the ARAM mobile system are two gamma detectors, two neutron detectors, and a notebook or tablet computer.  Our system can be configured specifically for your vehicle, vessel, or aircraft.